Aluminum Alloy Investment Casting


Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. has the capabilities of producing aluminum alloy castings with an exceptional surface finish and fine detail.

aluminum alloy casting

All of our aluminum alloy castings are produce by the use the precision investment casting process, or lost wax process. We can produce intricate detail that many other foundries are unable to produce. All our aluminum alloy casting molds are built exclusively by hand.

We use only the best raw materials that are available in the manufacturing of our aluminum alloy castings.

Aluminum Alloy A356 Casting

Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. casts primarily A356 aluminum alloy castings for commercial and industrial applications. Aluminum Alloy A356 is categorized as Cast Aluminum Alloy.

Alloy A356 Composition:

  • 92.05% Aluminum (Al)
  • 7.00% Silicon (Si)
  • 0.35% Magnesium (Mg)
  • 0.20% Iron (Fe)
  • 0.20% Copper (Cu)
  • 0.10% Manganese (Mn)
  • 0.10% Zinc (Zn).

Aluminum Alloy Heat Treatments

Depending on your needs relative to strength and ductility, we have the capabilities of providing heat treatment.

  • T2 (Anneal)
  • T4 (Solution Treat & Naturally Age)
  • T6 (Solution Treat & Artificially Age)
  • T61* (Solution Treat, Quench and Age)

*T61 heat treatment is for maximum strength of up to 40K PSI tensile for aluminum alloy castings.

Looking for aerospace quality Aluminum Alloy Castings at a commercial price? Look no further than Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. Our metallurgical integrity and surface finish are second to none.

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