Investment Casting Design Overview

Investment Casting Design Services

Milwaukee Precision Casting is proactive and upfront engineering. Our design and manufacturing engineers have more than 100 years of collective experience in the investment casting industry and we will work with you to design the most economical cast component. We subscribe to concurrent engineering with our customers to ensure new programs move into production on a timely basis. We identify and design out potential problems that can occur in the investment casting process before they happen. Sand castings, forgings, fabrications and weldments are routinely converted to net shape investment castings to reduce costs. We can eliminate most if not all secondary machining operations.

Investment Casting Design Specifications

We are committed to excellence and have the capabilities you require producing castings from a few grams to more than 50 pounds. We focus jointly with the customer on part function, alloys selection, and design. Typical investment tolerances are plus or minus five thousandths per inch in certain instances we can hold as close as plus or minus three thousandths per inch depending on part geometry. If closer tolerances are necessary and require machining, Milwaukee Precision Casting offers secondary machining operations that are second to none. Many of our satisfied customers have moved their tooling to Milwaukee Precision Casting from other foundries where quality and delivery problems were experienced. Take advantage of our expertise and let Milwaukee Precision Casting go to work for you. 

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