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Machining Capabilities

Milwaukee Precision Machining

Tired of purchasing raw castings, sending them out for secondary machining operations, bringing them back in house for inspection, then re-sending out for heat treat and/or protective coating? 

Look no further than Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. to eliminate this tedious exercise.  Milwaukee Precision Castin, Inc. can be your one-stop-shop and has in-house machining capabilities as well as outside machining services available for specialized machining. 

Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. has the know-how and experience to provide a turn-key product ready for assembly.  We have the ability to finish to tolerances as close as +/-.001”. 

We specialize in turning, drilling, tapping, and a variety of other machining capabilities to offer a complete product.  With these in-house turning capabilities, Milwaukee Precision also can quote your bar stock requirements, which complements our investment casting line. 

Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. also has the resources to perform final heat treat as well, including through hardening, case hardening, carbo-nitride, induction hardening and many others. 

We also offer protective coatings such as black oxide, anodizing, manganese phosphate, and zinc dichromate to name a few. 

Whether it is short run or high volume, Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. wants to be your partner.

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