Metal Finishing Overview

Metal Finishing Services

Milwaukee Precision Casting offers secondary finishing operations that are second to none. Typical investment casting tolerances are plus or minus five thousandths per inch. Where closer tolerances are required, we can provide finish machining to your required tolerances. We also have the capabilities of furnishing heat-treat, plating, pickle, and passivate, anodizing, assembly, and many others. We have complete in-house facilities to monitor dimensional integrity by the use of a coordinate measuring machine, optical comparator, and many other inspection techniques. We economically produce short-run orders using manual tooling which minimizes upfront tooling expenditures as well as high volume requirements into the hundreds of thousands, utilizing automatic multi-cavity tooling. All tooling is produced from aircraft quality 7075 aluminum.We have available capacity to meet your needs and are competitive for any quantities you may require.

Metal Finishing Requirements

Due to today's market demands, Milwaukee Precision Casting offers some of the shortest lead times in the investment casting industry. Milwaukee Precision Casting also offers destructive and non-destructive testing to ensure excellent metallurgical quality. Our capabilities include tensile testing to monitor physical properties of the alloy as well as x-ray, magnetic particle inspection, liquid penetrant inspection, and many others. We build our ceramic molds exclusively by hand so we specialize in complex detail that is not always possible with boundaries that utilize robotics. Count on the leader, Milwaukee Precision Casting, your single most complete source or investment castings. 

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