Military and Firearms Components Overview

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Milwaukie Precision Casting specializes in the manufacture of investment castings for the firearms industry producing both commercial and military components.

Military Component Requirements

We perform non-destructive testing such as x-ray or magnetic particle inspection for AMS 2175 to ensure that every part meets or exceeds the stringent requirements associated with military ordnance.

Military Component Experience

We are certified by the Department of Defense as a supplier of critical components for military weapon systems. Our experience is in but not limited to AR15, M16, M240, and M249 weapon components. Castings can be supplied complete including each treat and machining ready for assembly or a raw casting to be finished by the customer. Milwaukee Precision Casting is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and we also adhere to military quality standard MIL-I -45-208. We participate in prime as well as military spare parts contracts. We also produce precision castings for some of the most renowned commercial firearms manufacturers in the world. Our castings are used in shotguns rifles and handguns across the spectrum of the firearms industry.

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