6 Advantages of Investment Castings in 2023

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Milwaukee Precision Casting explores the 6 advantages of investment castings and why you should choose investment castings over other processes.

Advantages of Investment Casting 2023

Why should you choose investment casting over other methods?

Milwaukee Precision Casting outlines the main benefits and advantages of investment casting over other casting and similar processes.

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investment castings


1. Smooth Finish 

Investment casting uses a ceramic mold that can produce a much smoother finish, typically averaging 125 RA surface finish as cast.


2. Faster Production

Investment castings cut down on labor time and produce quicker lead times because it greatly reduces the amount of machining required after casting.


3. Tight Tolerances

Investment castings hold tighter tolerances, which reduces the amount of machining required. The standard tolerance is 
+/-.005 per inch.


investment castings

4. Affordable Tooling

Investment casting requires less expensive equipment and is inherently less dangerous, which allows for costs to remain low.


5. Vast Size Range 

Investment casting allows for both large and small casts. Intricate, miniature parts that are 1/10 of an ounce or less can be cast, and also large parts up to 50 pounds can be cast.


6. Material Variety

There are a variety of materials that can be used for investment casting which range from bronze, stainless steel, and even aluminum. You can view a full list of materials that Milwaukee Precision Casting works with below.


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