Cobalt Casting

Cobalt Investment CastingBecause of the high cost of Cobalt alloys, Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. produces cobalt based castings with minimum or no machining, holding typical tolerances of +/-.005" per inch.

Don't leave that expensive material on the floor in chips due to unnecessary machining.

Cobalt Based Casting Process

Looking for exceptional wear resistance, oxidation resistance up to 2,100 degrees (F), or high strength up to 1,500 degrees (F)? Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. should be your source for Cobalt-based casting.

Commonly Cast Cobalt Grades:

  • CB3 (good wear resistance)
  • CB6 (best impact, oxidation resistant)
  • CB21 (high strength)
  • CB93 (more economical with good wear resistance)

Using the investment casting process, we produce Cobalt castings in most grades of Cobalt alloys.

Please contact us and let us know how we can serve your Cobalt-based casting needs.