Rapid Prototype Casting

Rapid Prototype CastingMilwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. has the capability of producing prototype castings in 2-3 weeks to prove out the design of a part without the expense of hard tooling.

Our Prototyping Abilities

3D Scanner
We use our 3D scanner to capture the geometry of a customer supplied sample part or wax pattern. With further software processing, the part can be replicated using our 3D wax printer. We also have the ability to generate a CAD file based on the geometry. The CAD file can be used to manufacture a metal die to create wax patterns and also to generate an engineering drawing if needed.

3D Printer
Computer models of parts are converted directly to 3D wax patterns that will be used in our investment casting process. Patterns can generally be made in one day, saving the time and money associated with making a metal die. The 3D printer also gives the flexibility to produce multiple variations of a part for evaluation.

CAD Software
We have the ability to quickly produce drawings from models or make changes to existing models to help keep projects moving quickly.

Please contact us and let us know how we can serve your rapid prototype casting needs.

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