Investment Castings

investment castings

Developing investment castings involves creating an original wax model, coating the image with plaster and building of successive layers until a strong shell envelops the model. After melting out the wax, molten gold or bronze will be poured into the mold, creating a perfect duplicate of the original wax pattern.

Compared to machining apart, investment casting can economically offer undercuts, high definition, complex detail and a smooth surface finish.

Most often, investment casting is the only way a part can be economically manufactured.

Process for Investment Castings

Investment casting involves creating an original wax model. Coating the image with plaster, and building of successive layers until a strong shell envelops the model. After melting out the wax, molten metal will be poured into the model, creating a perfect duplicate of the wax pattern.

  1. Create a wax model of casting part.
  2. Attach the wax models to a gate or system.
  3. Dip the system into ceramic, building up layers until it is thick enough.
  4. Melt the wax out of the cavity, leaving the ceramic outer layer.
  5. Heat the cavity, to prevent shock from the temperature of the metal, and pour the metal into the ceramic shell.
  6. Let the metal cool.
  7. Using strong vibrations, remove the ceramic shell.
  8. Saw the parts off the system.
  9. Grind until the part meets specifications of original part.
  10. Measure the new part using advanced tools to make sure the new part is an exact duplication of the original casting.

Advantages of Investment Castings

Milwaukee Precision Casting is committed to excellence and has the capability to produce the items you need. Our commitment to quality and on-time delivery has made us a leader in the investment casting industry. Milwaukee Precision Casting has very competitive pricing. By providing castings to shape, we can eliminate most, if not all secondary machining operations.

Our ceramic molds are built by hand, which allows complex detail. This is not always possible with foundries that utilize robotics. Our versatility enables us to cast more than one hundred alloys. Milwaukee Precision Casting does not have any hidden tooling costs.

Our factory can produce castings from a few grams to more than 40 pounds. Our typical dimensional accuracy is +/-.005”, per inch, when required. Milwaukee Precision Casting experts can assist you in developing a new casting design. Milwuakee Precision Casting has the ability to furnish secondary operations, such as non-destructive testing, plating or coating, heat treat and assembly. We are proactive in concurrent engineering and design assistance and offer some of the shortest lead times in our industry.

Materials Used for Investment Castings