304 SS Alloy Castings

Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. is experienced in pouring 304 stainless steel casts for a variety of applications. 304 ss is widely known and accepted as being the standard for cleanliness and corrosion resistance in the food industry, amongst others. The 304 grade of stainless steel is soft and much easier to straighten than 316 or 17-4. It is comprised of a Chromium-Nickel content and can also be known as an “18-8” stainless steel since it is approximately 18% Chromium and 8% Nickel. Its properties include the ability to be machined in the "as-cast" state and being an austenitic stainless steel, meaning it is nonmagnetic, highly corrosion resistant, and cannot be hardened by heat treatment.

Additional Characteristics of 304ss:

  • Resistant to oxidization and rust
  • Excellent spinning, welding and forming properties
  • Deep drawing quality
  • Excellent toughness
  • Easy to clean and fabricate
  • Forgeability – able to be forged with higher pressures than other stainless steel grades
  • Responds well to hardening by cold working (becomes slightly magnetic when cold worked)

Type 304 ss is one of the most frequently used types of stainless steel in both home and commercial use. Common industries and applications include:

  • Medical - surgical equipment such as needles
  • Petrochemical – containers and shipping drums

  • Food – particularly for beer brewing, wine making, and milk processing

  • Textile – commonly used in dyeing equipment

  • Pulp and Paper

  • Mining

  • Housings

  • Bodies

If you’re application or environment requires resistance to chlorides, chlorinated solutions or salt, check out our page on 316 ss.

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