Agriculture Investment Castings

agriculture castings

Since agriculture applications typically require looser tolerances, investment castings have been a primary market within the industry for decades. Milwaukee Precision Castings produces agriculture castings for several applications including measuring and control devices, valves, and field equipment components. We have years of experience converting processing parts into investment castings, which is more cost effective than fabrications and allows for tighter tolerances than sand castings. Milwaukee Precision produces castings for these applications nationwide and can cast more features while saving costs on machining.

Investment castings for this industry require the highest degree of quality and durability, which is why we recommend stainless steel castings. The most popular grades include 1020, 8620, 4130, and 4140. When it comes to agriculture applications, we typically recommend using 4140 stainless steel because there are great mechanical properties and maximum hardness, however, each application can be unique. Contact Milwaukee Precision to talk with an expert about your application to find out more.

Agriculture Equipment Components Castings

Agriculture Equipment Components Castings

Milwaukee Precision casts various parts for this industry including:

  • Waste Removal Equipment
  • Measuring and Control Devices
  • Pump Valves
  • Levers
  • Handles and Latches
  • Pivots
  • Rotary Disks
  • Sprinklers and Spreaders
  • Chain Sprockets
  • Clutch Pin
  • Stationary and Rotating Knives

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