Carbon Steel Investment Casting

Carbon Steel Investment Casting


Looking for cost savings? Carbon steel investment castings may be the answer. Because we provide investment castings to net shape, we can eliminate most, if not all secondary machining operations.

Providing a net shape to typical casting tolerances of +/-.005" per inch, Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. has proved time and time again that sand castings, forgings, and machined components can be converted to carbon steel investment castings with significant cost savings.

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Carbon Steel Casting Grades

Count on the leader, Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc., your single most complete source for your carbon steel castings for any grade.

Alloy Common Usage Applications
1018 & AISI 1020

The 1000 series is the softest of the three common carbon steels will more likely bend rather than break under intense pressure. They are commonly used to make cranks, handles, and braces.

4130, SAE 4140 & 4140 MIL-S

The 4100 series is a high strength material that is used when deformation of a part is not allowed. They are commonly used to cast firearm components and ratchets.

SAE 8620

The 8600 series steel is the middle ground between 4100 and 1000 series. 8600 series is stronger than 1000 series but will bend prior to breakage. They are commonly used to cast firearm components, housings, and nozzles.

Machining, Testing & Treating

We also have the capabilities of furnishing secondary operations such as machining, non-destructive testing, heat treat, and assembly. Our cosmetics are as good as any foundry can offer, better than most.

Please contact us and let us know how we can serve your carbon steel investment casting needs.

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