Metal Investment Casting Foundry

Metal Investment CastingMilwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. may be your answer for a quality metal investment casting when your die-casting, powdered metal part, or plastic injection part doesn't have the adequate strength you require.

We may be your answer when your sand casting is full of porosity due to trapped gas, or your weldment/fabrication may be cost prohibitive. Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. may be able to solve your rust problems with a stainless steel investment cast metal casting.

Providing high quality precision investment castings and parts since 1993, Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and meets AMS 2175 standards. Milwaukee Precision Casting offers top-tier investment castings in: 

Stainless Steel Aluminum Carbon Steel Bronze
Brass Cobalt Tool Steel  

We Offer Metal Investment Castings for:

Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. furnishes quality investment castings for a variety of other diversified industrial markets as well.

Investment Casting Secondary Services

Milwaukee Precision Casting can offer a wide range of secondary including: Machining, Heat Treating, Non-Destructive Testing, Polishing, Passivation/Electropolishing, Deburring/Ball Burnishing, Laser Etching, Coating, Packaging, and more depending on the needs of any part. Milwaukee Precision Casting has close relationships with many local vendors to allow for the best possible part at the lowest possible price.

Precise & Quality Investment Castings

Our investment casting process produces exceptional surface finish and close tolerances of +/-.005" per inch. Send your specifications to us and take our experienced engineering staff to task in eliminating your manufacturing problems and reducing cost. We make it happen.

Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. - the clear metal casting solution.

Please contact us and let us know how we can serve your metal investment casting needs.

Unsure about your part design? Check out our prototyping capabilities


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