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Investment Cast Components for Guns

Investment Cast Components for Guns

ITAR Registered Investment Casting Foundry

Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. specializes in components for the firearm and gun industries through the Investment Casting Process, producing both military components, commonly AR-15, M16, M240 & M249. We are certified with the Department of Defense as a supplier of critical components for military weapons systems and are an ITAR registered foundry. Our firearm castings meet or exceed the AMS 2175 military standards for gun parts. We are also established within the commercial firearms industry working with well-known brands to make shotguns, rifles & handguns. Milwaukee Precision can provide a raw casting or complete and secondary machining and non-destructive testing necessary for the highest accuracy parts.

Important Firearm Components Investment Casting Grades

When producing military and firearm part components, it's important that the material grades can handle immense pressure for its environment to avoid deformation. The material grade must hold exceptional structural strength and weldability. Milwaukee Precision Casting specializes in working with material grades signifcant for their high strength such as:

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What are Gun Castings?

Firearm Components Castings:

Our primary experience is in, but not limited to, the production of investment cast firearm parts such as:

  • Investment cast Gun triggers, hammers, and sights
  • Investment cast Bolts, Handles, and Stops
  • Investment cast Safeties, Hinges, and Locks
  • Investment cast Mounts, Sights, and Housings
  • Investment cast Triggers and Trigger guards
  • Investment cast Pistol grips
  • Investment cast Magazine Release
  • Investment cast Gas Cylinders
  • Investment cast Operating Rods
  • Investment cast Slides
  • Investment cast Disassembly Lever
  • Investment cast Safeties, Hinges, and Locks
  • Investment cast Mounts, Sights, and Housings
  • other Accessories and Tools

We can furnish complete, ready for assembly, or casting only. We produce only the highest quality castings, requiring stringent Non-Destructive testing such as x-ray and magnetic particle inspection per AMS-2175. We also offer heat-treat to any standards required.

Certifications and Military Standards:

Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. is ISO 9001:2015 certified, ITAR registered.

Why Investment Casting for Firearm Components?

Investment casting can reduce or remove completely the need for secondary machining in gun parts. The process uses a ceramic mold that produces a smooth finish with consistency from casting to casting. There is a high degree of accuracy involved that provides shorter lead times and reduced material waste. Talk to our experts on how investment casting your firearms parts can make your process more time and cost efficient.

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