Stainless Steel Investment Castings

Stainless Steel Investment Casting


Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. has experience pouring a wide variety of stainless steel investment casts. We cast stainless steel from miniature to 50 pounds.

The most common alloys we have poured are listed below. We are also capable of pouring other air melt alloys upon your request. Specific material chemistry and mechanical specifications will be provided to you if needed. For your Stainless Steel Investment Casting needs, Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. can help you out.

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What are the Advantages of Stainless Steel Investment Castings?

Stainless steel's biggest advantage is its excellent corrosion resistance. Unlike other materials, stainless steel investment castings have a built-in chromium oxide layer that provides exceptional anti-corrosive properties. These corrosion-resistant properties make stainless steel castings ideal for military, medical, and industrial applications.

Commonly Cast Stainless Steel Alloys:

Alloy Common Usage Applications


Food grade steel, housings, bodies

304 is widely accepted in the food industry as the standard for cleanliness as well as corrosion resistance.

304L / 316L

Similar to other 300 series steel, the "L" stands for low carbon, making it softer but more corrosion resistant for each grade of material.


Housings, gears, plates

316 is known for its superior corrosion resistance, making it ideal for many uses including marine environments.

410 & 416

Housings, bushings, handles, brackets

400 series steels are high strength and very machinable. They will tend to break rather than bend under intense pressure.


Rods, pins, links, arms

17-4 is the strongest of the stainless steel family and is used on parts that cannot bend.

Certifications & Compliances

Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. is committed to delivering the highest quality stainless steel investment castings. Our various certifications support our strict quality standards and testing and inspection capabilities.

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