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In-house technical resources have played a vital role in Milwaukee Precision Casting’s growth and success.  Our management team has extensive experience in the Investment Casting industry and knows how to solve problems.  Many of our customers have moved tooling to Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. from other foundries where they experienced quality/delivery problems. 

Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. has the capabilities of certifying metallurgical composition by the use of in-house spectral chemical analysis.  We perform many types of Non-Destructive testing as well, such as X-Ray, Magnetic Particle, and Fluorescent Penetrant inspection.     

Should physical properties be required?  No problem - Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. can provide tensile, yield, elongation, and reduction of area properties from cast test bars, or sectioned directly from the casting. 

Primarily a commercial Investment Casting foundry, Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. also serves the military/aerospace marketplace, which demands the highest standard of quality on every casting produced. 

Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. prides itself on providing a turn-key component, ready for use.  Our capabilities include complete machining, heat treat, polishing, plating, sub-assembly, and many other post-casting operations. 

Let Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. be your one-stop-shop.  Please contact us for additional information and let us quote your Investment Casting needs.

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